Our mission is to facilitate innovation and knowledge transfer. Our task is to distill profitable results by the scientific method.

Novalyst IT is an IPR incubator, research, innovation, and standardisation consultancy, and project initiator/manager. We cover the broadest range of themes in information and communication technology, with special focus on IT security. Novalyst IT is an aide to all ICT businesses and commercial users who strive to explore new business opportunities enabled by advanced information and communication technology.

The areas of competency of novalyst IT's consultants cover the broadest range of subjects in information and communication technology. Here are some examples of our ever-growing expertise. Our central fields of research are communication networks IT-Security, information economy, regulation, and legal aspects of information technology. novalyst IT can guide Your business in using and exploiting the convergence of communication networks.

IT security

IT security is our core competence, in all its facets of access control, authentication, identity management, security guidelines and data protection, wireless security, digital signatures, PKI and secure transaction systems. We have experience with security evaluations according to Common Criteria and ISO 27001. We are familiar with the latest cryptographic methods and post-quantum cryptography.

Trusted Computing

Novalyst IT has proven expertise in the field of trusted computing. We are known for highly innovative ideas in this area. TC is steadily gaining in importance, not only in the area of ​​PCs and company networks, but also for mobile communication.

Mobile networks and technologies

We have deep knowledge of 3-5G network technologies. Design and analysis of secure communication protocols and more secure networks is one of our core competencies.


We have experience with industrial and public standardization processes, especially in the Trusted Computing Group, ETSI / 3GPP, IETF, WiFi Alliance, W3C.

Internet of Things

We master all common standardized and proprietary protocols of the IoT and machine-to-machine communication. We are actively researching in the field of secure IoT systems and edge technologies.

Voice over IP

VoIP is the state of the art in cross-system voice communication. Our expertise encompasses VoIP technology, applications, standards and protocols. Security of spoken and multimedia communication is a focus area, others are interoperability and integration.